Hello there, you’ve stumbled across my website. Oh, I mean Justin’s website. Its customary to write about yourself in third person, as if I have some assistant responsible for my blog.

Check out this nerd
Justin’s first computer, that he built, no big deal

As you can see, Justin is a super cool dude. For a while he ran a collocated web server, providing hosting and email services, while designing websites for local businesses. In 2008, when it became apparent that providing an open relay for spammers wasn’t going to pay off, Justin started work as an IT guy for F1-Networks. He’s been there (and working from his home office) ever since.

If you’d like to contact Justin, just say his name three times and he will appear. Failing that, use the contact page. Or send a hilarious tweet. Thank you for reading!

Justin and Dixie the cat
Riding Dixie through the galaxy, illustrated by Dawn Hall.

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